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Dr. David
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What would cause my wife's scalp to be tender/painful to the

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What would cause my wife's scalp to be tender/painful to the touch at both side of her head and at the back. More painful on the right side and at the underside of the scull at the back of the head.
Accompanied with pain (severe at times ) in both legs below the knee, with a fever and profuse sweating overnight.
My wife recently underwent key hole surgery for a suspected Spigalian Hernia, but although on the CAT scan, nothing could be found during the surgery.
Could it be reaction to the dye used during the scan?
This is Dr. Davidyes, contrast dye can cause itchiness of the skin and scalptenderness of the scalp can be from pinched nerves in the neckif she has a pinched nerve in the upper part of her neck, this can cause scalp pain and tenderness.she might need an MRI scan of her neck to look for arthritis or slipped disks in her neck pinching nerves exiting the spinal cord there to her scalp causing could have put her neck in an awkward position for several hours.let me know if you have questions
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Relist: Inaccurate answer.
The scalp condition existed for a week before the surgery.
I was referring to the severe pain in the lower limbs.
Meningitis was one possibility that crossed my mind, what do you think?
meningitis would cause severe and nausea

she could have had a neck herniated disk or pinched nerve or arthritis in the neck prior to the surgery.

she needs to see a neurologist and get an MRI scan of her neck and spine if she is having pain in the lower limbs.

has she ever had an MRI scan before?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Yes the nausea and fever are present, so this looks to be the most likely cause, in my opinion. I'll take it from here.

Not impressed with the service so far, like many in your profession, you jump too easily to conclusions, if you don't mind me saying so.

I am sorry she is having nausea and fever.if you are worried about meningitis, you should bring her to the ER for high are her fevers?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Fever is quite high, soaked her bed with sweat last night. Had to change all the bed clothes. Legs painful ankle to now just above the knee, fitted tight stockings which gave some relief. But overall much better than yesterday. Will not allow me to call for an ambulance, so press on at home. Pain in scalp easing, so I think my wife is on the mend. Least ways l am praying that is the case.

wow, that can be very dangerous to suffer through meningitis at home with high fevers and sounds like she can be quite stubbornI hope she gets better.let me know if you have other questions.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Much better today, about 50% there, I think. Washed and cleaned everything up and assisted with wife's shower, so feels a bit better, but lower legs still ache and she had a mild fever overnight.

About two weeks ago my wife had minor surgery on her forehead to remove a rogue mole and was discharged without any dressing on a 50 mm wound. I think that's when the infection first got in. She has been feeling ill every since.that time and the wound is still tender to touch.

So as a consequence she will not go back to hospital, as you come out with more than you go in with, so to speak. BP today 110/79 pulse 78 not perfect, but within range.

I see
Best of luck to you and her
If the mole site of surgery area is still tender it should be looked at by her go doctor to make sure it is healing proper
let me know if you have other questions.
If done for now please leave positive feedback below.
You can always reach me as Dr David.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Dear Doctor David, it turned out to be Giant Cell Artertis with Polymalgia Rheumatica, now under treatment. As all the clues were there and your advice was so far out.
I'm glad she didn't have meningiitsI'm glad she was diagnosed and is on treatment now.