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I had the full fetal harmony blood test at 12.5 weeks -

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I had the full fetal harmony blood test at 12.5 weeks - my results came back normal giving me a 1:10000 chance of Downs etc.
My 21w scan detected mild Prenatal Hydronephrosis in both baby's kidneys. The RPD in the left was 8mm & the right was 6.8mm.
Everything else is fine.
I understand it's a soft indicator for Downs.
I'm now scared silly.
I have a follow up scan in 5 weeks to review.
Can you please reassure me? The baby is female.


We can certainly continue after this if you'd like but you're correct in assuming that the kidney problem detected on the fetal scan would be a very low indication of Down's by itself. And the fact that the hydronephrosis is mild makes it even less likely that your baby has Down's.

I'm sure the follow up scan will still show nothing significant to worry about.

Let me know if you need to discuss this further please

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
What is the likelihood of Down's syndrome with this diagnosis? How common is this?

Your chances I would put at the on in 10,000 level

And actually the scan findings are fairly common and those fetuses turn out to be perfectly normal

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