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Dr Basu
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Past 4 days I have been having loose bowel movement

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Hello for the past 4 days I have been having loose bowel movement in the morning when I wake up. I'm 20 years and its sort of stopping me going out in the morning because I need the toilet. I don't have pain and blood in the stool.
Hi there,This is Dr Basu, experienced Internal Medicine Specialist. I am here to address your concerns and provide great service. Loose bowel movement suggests possible intestinal infection like viral infection more commonly.Also diet changes can cause this.If you have increased more dietary fibers, or dairy products then your stool may be loose for sometime.You can reduce the dietary fibers for now especially for the evening meals.The following foods are generally allowed on a low-fiber diet:Enriched white bread or rolls without seeds;White rice, plain white pasta, noodles and macaroni;Crackers;Refined cereals such as Cream of Wheat;Pancakes or waffles made from white refined flour;Most canned or cooked fruits without skins, seeds or membranes;Fruit and vegetable juice with little or no pulp, fruit-flavored drinks and flavored waters;Canned or well-cooked vegetables without seeds, hulls or skins, such as carrots, potatoes and tomatoes;Tofu.Also you can start on a probiotic daily containing lactobacillus and bifidobacterium.For loose stools, you can use loperamide tablets as needed one to two tabs in the morning.This is over the counter.If the problem still continues for more than a week, then you should get stool tests to rule out any parasitic infection which will require antibiotic course. Best wishes, It was my pleasure to help you today. If I have answered all your questions, Please rate my response Excellent (click on the smiley faces) under this chat box only.Please bookmark my profile for asking further questions! This is the link to my profile:
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