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I am suffering from a tummy ache every day. it is not

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i am suffering from a tummy ache every day. it is not agonising pain i am aware of it and it is mostly in the left side but sharp pains appear in other of the abdomen also. i have low energy even though i eat very well and i am exercise regularly. i would not say my bowel movements are abnormal apart from the occasional bout of diarrhoea/loose faeces. my tummy makes a lot of noise and i often have trapped or excess wind which does not usually smell foul. i feel a lot of pressure on my rectum and sometimes a sharp pain in this area. i get full alot easier than i used to when eating and would say my appetite has decreased. i also notice pain during sex (not soreness) more like a thrusting pain, im not sure if this is linked. what could this be?

Hi. This could be an H pylori stomach infection so I suggest you have your doctor screen for that and get a course of antibiotics is it's positive

Otherwise this could be irritable bowel syndrome
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

so my symptoms are not suggestive of proctitis? i did mention i have pain in the rectal region.

No, Ellie, proctitis doesn't cause all the symptoms you listed.

That said, you could have a hemorrhoid or an anal fissure problem also