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We adopted our nephew 2 years ago after his mother died. Bottom

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We adopted our nephew 2 years ago after his mother died. Bot***** *****ne is despite his mothers death he does not appear to be like other children. We are worried. Things we have noticed are, he hurts animals, he has no emotions or empathy, no remorse, no feelings, his emotions are acted not real, ie he will tell you he loves you but the expression on his face is very false, he only hugs when he wants something. He's fasinated by women's body parts to the extent I feel very uncomfortable around him. ( he is only 7 year old by the way) he manipulates, lies, schemes,plots and plans to get what he wants. He is very clever with this. He is able to think before he asks and plans for when you say no. He steels if you don't give him what he wants. ( only from the house) hasn't done it outside the house as far as we no. He gets a hard penis in the morning. He plays with himself a lot. (We don't have kids of our own we don't know if this is normal or not but thought we would mention it anyway). He will only do something if he gets rewarded for it. Does not interact with other children as a normal child would. He doesn't play like other kids like other kids would enjoy playing he doesn't. He dominates every situation. Must of constant attention. (We know all kids do this) but he will only try and talk to you when your on the phone or talking to someone face to face. And is very rude about it. Has no emotion or reaction to being told off or time outs or even being grounded. Even if we take a toy away. He has no favourite toy. Has no problem being left alone in his bedroom. ( where as parents we have spoken to say this drives there kids nuts being sent to their room). Very bad attitude towards everyone. Will try and figure people out before he talks to them. And this is so he can use them to his advantage ie if we won't buy him a toy he plays the sympathy card regarding his mothers death and try's to get that person to feel sorry for him and buy him what he wants. He likes to all eyes on him when showing off ( we know all kids do this) but he will stand there for 20 mins if he has to until everyone is watching him. And has done so. He knows how to share and won't. The kids at school refuse to play with him at all ( so he now plays on his own). They say he hurts them and it very mean. This surprised us as he doesn't like confrontation. Then we seen that it was the weaker kids he literally preys on. He doesn't go near bully's. And if he doesn't get the attention (bear in mind we give him loads of attention) he will cut himself and find someway of making himself bleed so he gets attention. He is fasinated by hospitals and death. But we put this down to his mother dying in a hospital. We would like advice on this please as we are new parents and don't know if this is normal kid stuff. Although some of it seems to be not right. Please don't blame this on his mothers death. We know some of it is related and he has had counselling for his mothers death. We just don't believe that all of this is related to her death. He was 5 when she died. We honestly believe that something is not quite right here and I think on some level we know he needs extra help but don't quite know how to go about it. Could you help please or could you give us a rough idea on what this is or are we totally wrong. Is it us that needs extra parenting group sessions. Thank you
This is Dr. Davidhis behavior is not correcthe should see a pediatric neuropsychologist to be evaluated.he could have some autism or asberger syndrome going sounds like he has some antisocial behavior and mental and sexual devianceshe could be having some childhood psychopathic can read more here have to get him to a childhood psychiatrist as soon as possible for therapy.let me know if you have questions.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you. I'm a mental health nurse. You've confirmed what I thought. But I also thought sociopathic. What do you think.