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Dr. Kaushik
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I have daily suicidal thoughts to point where I have

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Hello, I have daily suicidal thoughts to point where I have to argue in my head to stop them , I have an internal monologue for about 30-40 minutes battling this afterwards I'm exhausted I have to fight this everyday. There is no emotion attached just a thought in my brain telling me to do it. It takes various forms and method of suicide is random but my thoughts meticulously plan it then I have my rational brain try to argue it away
Greetings.Welcome to the site.I am sorry to learn about your predicament and I must admit that this is a very serious issue at hand, since suicidal ideas may get the better of you at any time and subsequently compel you to harm yourself, so before it is too late and your mind looses the battle against the suicidal ideation, you need to quickly report to emergency and get yourself evaluated by a psychiatrist and thereafter started on an anti depressant drug along with a an axiolytic so as to bring upon calming effect to your mind which is struggling at the moment to fight against some really dangerous thoughts. I hope this makes you aware of the gravity of your situation and therefore you do the needful as soon as possible. Therapy takes its own time to improve your thought process and at the present moment it seems like the therapy is miserably failing in your case hence you need the medications and evaluation as suggested above. Also you need to be constantly monitored by a doctor until you get past these suicidal thoughts.I hope this makes sense.Wish you all the best. Please kindly leave a POSITIVE RATING if you are satisfied with the answer.Regards
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