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I had a partial blockage in my bowel weeks. In which

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I had a partial blockage in my bowel for 5 weeks. In which time I took Prune Juice every day and had diarerehea for up 2 two hours. It gradually flushed out. I've had a Lifescan at the private clinic who say their is nothing at all wrong now. I stopped the Prune Jiuce just over a week ago. But still cannot get my appetite back and don't want to eat at all. Also every morning when I awake I always feel bloated but cannot be bothered to move about much. Energy is slowly coming back. I wondered if the feeling I'm getting in my stomach is from all the laxatives, which in turn puts me off my food. Started drinking Probiotic drinks thought that may help. Plenty of water. Advice please. Sandra.
Hello from JustAnswer.
It will help if you could provide some further information.
What was identified as causing the partial blockage?
Was the Lifescan a CT scan?
Have you had a recent chemistry profile and blood count?
Have you ever had a colonoscopy? If so, when was it done?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Just a couple of stools. The Lifescan was shaped like a doughnut and showed, heart, kidneys, liver stomach,pelvis, back and colon. Only showed that I had for Gallstones. I had a blood test done, for thyroid can't remember the other two things. Has a colonoscopy 12 years ago has I had scar tissue then.
It sounds like the partial blockage was caused by retained or impacted stool.
A doughnut shaped device would usually be a CT scan. A CT scan is excellent at detecting problems in solid organs. It also can detect certain problems in the colon, but certain problems are better detected by a colonoscopy.
To answer the direct question, yes, these symptoms could be related to the use of laxatives to clean out the colon, along with the altered diet resulting in less intake of fiber/roughage. The usual approach to this situation would be to gradually increase the amount of fiber in the diet, with the ultimate goal of achieving 20 - 35 grams of fiber per day.
However, there are other possible causes of a partial blockage that can cause further problems. The most worrisome would be a growth in the colon. A CT scan is not as effective at detecting growths inside the colon. A colonoscopy is the most effective test to detect colon growths. If a traditional colonoscopy is not an option, such as because of scarring, then it may do better to do either a capsule endoscopy or a virtual colonoscopy.
Inflammatory bowel disease also can cause a partial blockage, but there are some blood tests that can look for evidence of inflammation.
It is also possible that the current symptoms are related to certain metabolic changes that can occur from the last 5 weeks, most of which can occur because of dehydration or altered oral intake, which is why I ask whether you have had a chemistry profile and blood count. If they checked blood tests, then they likely included a chemistry profile.
At this point, if you can resume a healthy diet with a good amount of fiber and fluid intake, and the symptoms resolve, then no further evaluation is necessary. However, if the healthy diet is not sufficient, then further evaluation may be necessary.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your reply Dr love. I forgot to ask how can I get my taste buds working again and what fibre would you suggest has at the minute I struggle to eat anything. Sandra.
Eating a healthy diet will help to replenish nutrients to help the taste buds to recover. Until you are eating a healthy diet, taking a good multivitamin would be appropriate.
Any fiber would be good, and the best fiber for you is what you would find most palatable. Fiber is most found in fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, and whole grains. But if you do not like certain vegetables, you are less likely to eat them, so by all means, eat the fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, and whole grains that you like to eat.
If you find it difficult to eat a sufficient amount of fiber foods, it would also be fine to use fiber supplements, such as Metamucil.
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