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I take 5mg Felodipine and 20mg Lisinopril dajly to lower my

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I take 5mg Felodipine and 20mg Lisinopril dajly to lower my blood pressure and 40mg Simvastatin daily to lower my cholesterol.
Is it best to take ibuprofen or paracetamol on a fairly regular basis for pain relief?
This is Dr. David
paracetamol should be kept under 3000-3500mg a day to minimize risks of damage to your liver.
Simvastatin can elevate your liver enzymes so this has to be monitored by blood tests.
ibuprofen and aspirin use can upset your stomach and cause gastritis and even cause stomach ulcers and kidney damage if used long term.
that is why you have to take it with food in your stomach and plenty of water.
aspirin can also thin your blood as well and make clotting slower and bleeding more likely.
if you are having pain and taking these medications regularly, even if they are over the counter, you should let your doctor know about it
and take the ibuprofen and aspirin after mealas, never on an empty stomach and with plenty of water.
where are you having pain?
have you let your doctors know how often you are taking these pain medications?
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