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I keep feeling sick and dizzy and completely not with it,

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Hi, I keep feeling sick and dizzy and completely not with it, it's hard to explain but its like my body's not in sink with my mind when I'm driving, walking doing anything I feel numb as if my body's doing it but my minds not. My head feels heavy and floppy. I can not concentrate on anything, I have zero energy, very tearfull, my sleep pattern is all wrong where I can have 2 to 4 hrs sleep per night just because I'm not tired to sleeping 11 hours. It's affecting my job and relationship, I have just spent two days sat on the sofa because I have not energy and no drive to do anything. I've had a number of blood tests done over the years as this has been and ongoing problem for years on and off. All my blood tests where fine. I feel so numb mind and body. I don't like going out everyone calls me miserable. I feel as if my body is completely missing something. I've taken multi vitamins to help with energy and trying to feel normal but nothing works. Even typing this I'm in floods of tears. Please help
Dear customer,

Thanks for your question.

Do you suffer from any medical condition? Which medications do you take daily? Was a sleep study done?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have trouble with me bowls and I'm waiting for a temporary sacral nerve stimulator to be fitted. I'm taking bisacodyl 2x5mg daily and resolor 1 per day. No sleep study's have ever been done. As this keeps changing I can have a normal sleep pattern one week and then not hardly sleep the next week. I also forgot thing s a lot or just cant remember things I've done two pays previously. I also take a fleet enema every night.

Dear customer,

Thanks for your reply.

Basically based on your history and symptoms I would suggest that you consult your doctor about whether a sleep study is indicated, because I think it is. Some of your symptoms can be due to the disturbed sleep or inadequate sleep itself. Hence treating the sleep disturbance by improved sleep habits, and if required medications may be beneficial.

Another advice would be to get assessed for depression since you are having some of the symptoms of depression. And if depression is present then treating it with therapy and/or medications will be beneficial and your symptoms will improve.

Lastly some of your symptoms such as headache may be due to the side effect of resolor. However the heavy head may also be due to sleep disturbance.

Therefore have the investigations such as sleep study done, and consult a psychiatrist for assessment of depression, and if any cause is found, treating it will relieve your present symptoms.

Take care.

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