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Dr. David
Dr. David, Board Certified MD
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Do you still want to try ringing me ask

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do you still want to try ringing me ask for jean
This is Dr. David
I am at work now. I will see when I have time to call.
but it has to be in between patients.
I am seeing patients today.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
okay. sorry about friday. they should have asked me at 5 in the morning it had to be the call I expected.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
it may be too late because i believe I am dying now.
you are not dying now.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
i wish i could go back to 2006 and see the doctor when i felt faint afew times. up until then i was extremely good at seeing the doctor... a regular customer.i don't know why i believed the deputy head that i would be okay walking in the fresh air. it has ruined my life.i lost my job , my partner and my children and the chance to see my grand children grow up.i never expected this.. my family have live dinto their 80's and 90's. i just wish i hadn't missed that opportunity to see the doctor kept to my rule about going for every aliment. you believe i can't be dying because i felt faint 15 years ago.and was then fine for 7 years. bu ti have been ill for 9 years thinking i am dying.and the doctors don't even know what is wrong with me. i messed up didn't i?
you can still go back to see your doctor now to be assessed.
what you really need is to see your GP doctor AND a psychiatrist
they will find out what is wrong with you and start treatment for you now.
and you will get better
and you can see your family again.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thank you for your reply. i have been seeing different physiarits for the 9 years and they can't work out what is wrong with me. at first the latest one said ( doctor vassos.. well known in England for his research).that i had delusional disorder. so i bought books on amazon about it and looked it up on th enet. my boys were told that i only thought i was dying and i was mentally ill which they still believe. then he said i wasn't delusional because i didn't respond to the phycotic medication. then he said anxiety disorder. finally he said unspecified neurotic disorder which i think means he doesn't know. today i asked him what was wrong with me and he admitted he didn't know. but didn't think i was dying soon. doctor, i can't tell you how scared i am. i have worried about dying since my dad died in front of me when i was 13. i accepted that i would die one day of course but was determined not to die as young as him. i am 62. i beat myself up that i didn't see the doctor when i was feeling faint. i was clueless about how important that was and accepted the guidance from the deputy head to walk in the fresh air. shame because i believe if it had been another rmembe rof my staff they would have rung the doctor. i believe that if that had happened i would still be running my school and still have my partner. up until then i had been a perfectly healthy woman who attended well woman clinics , had mamograms from 40 and generally visited the doctor for every little aliment! os when people aske dme why i didn't go when i felt fain ti honestly can't answer them because it was so out of character for me not to go for every thing so i am frightened i am giving my boys what i had and didn't want for them a parent dying young. it is like my worse nightmare coming true. and it my fault. that is what i can't accept. that it could have been prevented if i had seen the doctor at that time.if anyone had said to me years ago that i would die because of not seeing the doctor about something i would have laughed. i was such a hypondriac.
i paid for aprivate doctor. he pu ton top of his report that i didn't seek medical guidance when i ahd afaint episode but the rest of hi sreport was good. ecg was fine, blood tests all okay except liver, clinical examination fine.thta he couldn't fin d aserious condition so i don't know what it is that started me being ill. i ahd run my school for 17 years and wasn't stressed.. just loved my job so much and i know form the governs's pay rises that i was good at it. i ahd planned to do it for another 10 years and htne travel and write achildren's book. my dad was the only one to die young. his problem wasn't genetic. i know i writ etoo much but you my be interested to know that hi sherat was on the right side. he was a mirror imagine of you or i . that isn't hwy he died but i worried that i didn't tell the ambulance men and that they would have been pumping the wrong side so i lived with a lot of guilt.i ha dpromise dhte boys i wouldn't die ypun gshor tof na accident because whne i worried about ti my mum used to say that no on else in the family had died young ... all were in their 80's or 90's. i didn't gte any mor feeling faint episodes so i thought i was okay. as i said i had 7 years of healthy life ran my school had anew partner. was happy with my boys.went to the doctor onc ein that time about my blood pressure which he said was too high. didn't mention the faint episode years before as i ha d forgotten about it and the staff said it wa smenopausal although i never had nay other signs.signs.9 years ago i starte dsaying silly thing slike my back was broken. i wa shtrown out of my school because of the nonmsense i wa ssaying. i was admitted to a welsh mental hospital who didn't test for the menopause of any thing physical. they gae me medication and htne ects. i ha dtow of them. htne i was transferred to an English hospital and fared no better there. but felt good except for being convinced that i was dying.although i don't know why. i am no longer in a mental hospital but a supported living house. i didn't go to my son's wedding in japan because i wa sscare di would die on the plane. shame because if i ahd taken the risk i woul dhave don eit a sit was 6 years ago. he gave his speech in Japanese which i would have loved to have lif ehas been restricted because i don't venture out much. i use dto have a wonderful life and i was always full of fun. i had a tradition of dancing on the table sfor the children at christmas at the school where i was deputy head.!!i l love life and can't believe i might be losing it.i was so careful for so long. sorry that i have written a lot but i ma sure you can se why i am scared and very cross with myself. i bought my sons up by myself after my husband was involve din a boating accident and that is why i went to the doctor so often as i wanted to be there for them as long as symptons are other than the st
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
other than the strong feeling that i am dying, hot sweats, the bed can be dripping wet in the morning, and i have had several icu's the last one i was admitted to hospital for. i can't believe this has happened to a hypondriac like me. what ever the deputy head said it was out of character for me not to go to the doctor about something. so guilt and anger. i thought i would have another 20 years ahead of me and think i would have done if i had gone to the doctor. i have let my boys down. simon has just had anew baby an di can't believe that i won't be ther eto see her grow up through my own fault.
thank you for that information
it sounds like you do have anxiety and worry and fear about death. and that this fear is very frequent and can be preventing you from getting out and doing things.
this is a form of excessive anxiety symptoms.
there are medications which can help decrease anxiety
you should be seeing a psychotherapist regularly to talk about your fears which could help
hopefully talking about your fears can help you decrease them
you are not dying
you will continue to live.
let me know if you have other questions.
if done for now, please leave positive rating above the chat box so I can get credit for helping you today
we only get credit for helping clients after positive feedback
you can always reach me with "a question for Dr. David" in the medicine or oncology categories if you have any other questions
here is my website if you need to reach me again:
Thanks for using
Dr. David and 2 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I juts wan tot know how you can be so sure that I am not dying when I have given you all the information on the last 9 years and that I have an illness that no one knows what it is. except comments that it could be because I didn't go when I felt faint
excessive anxiety can cause you to feel faint.
you haven't died in the last 9 years.
I am a medical doctor
if you had a condition which was fatal, you would have died already
what you have is excessive fear of death.
you won't die
I promise you won't die.
you need to see your doctor to get treatment for excessive anxiety disorder
that is the condition that you have.
this excessive anxiety disorder is what is causing you to have excessive fear of death