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I'm a former serious problem drinker who has been more

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Hi. I'm a former serious problem drinker who has been more or less teetotal since 1993. Blood tests have revealed my liver and kidney function to be 100% fine. However, recent efforts at controlled drinking have resulted in stomach upset related symptoms, which are only in evidence through drinking. I've suffered mild nausea, gassy stomach, sometimes also slightly acidic stomach. These symptoms can last as long as a week, and then disappear completely. I've been told I may have been suffering from acute gastritis. Is there any way of finding out what may have been wrong, through a test, such as: Endoscopy? Ultrasound? Blood test? Or now that I’m asymptomatic would such a test be of no use?
HelloI am Dr.Amita and I would be helping you today.You most likely had acute gastritis which would have settled by now.The changes of inflammation in lining of stomach would have improved and we would not see anything abnormal on endoscopy now that you are asymptomatic.Ultrasound or blood tests are also not expected to show up anything abnormal.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks, ***** ***** acute gastritis occurs when I drink a few glasses of wine or beer, is it serious? Do you think it might be best for me to think of not drinking ever again?

If you are getting these symptoms with drinking even a small amount of alcohol it indicates that your stomach is not agreeable.Age does make a difference and even the protective mucus layer lining our stomach tends to become thinner as we age.In that case it would be advisable to remain a teetotaler.
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