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Dr. David
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I have been diagnosed with a prolapsed bowel years.told

Customer Question

i have been diagnosed with a prolapsed bowel for 4 years.told to take 4 sennas nightly. i now find myself leaking, great difficulty completely emptying the bowel and lots of backache right across the pelvis area. i believe the back pain is impacting on my legs which feel weak and whilst i walk well on the flat hills are a real problem. i have had recent scans and my lower spine etc have been given a green light. is the bowel the problem and is there a cure.? in addition every toilet visit is a nasty messy and lengthy buisness.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.
This is Dr. David
I am sorry you are having these bowel issues.
severe prolapsed bowel and rectum need to be repaired surgically by a surgeon to fix the function of the rectum and bowel.
it sounds like your pelvic muscles are very weak, possibly too weak for kegel exercises to be of help. have you tried kegel exercises?
your sigmoid colon and rectum go in front of your sacrum and sacral nerves and so if you have bowel problems and bowel inflammation, this can affect your lower back and sacral nerves and affect the nerves going down into your legs.
what type of scans have you had? MRI scans are best to look at bones and nerves in your lower back. CT scans don't see nerves very well.
rectal surgery to fix a prolapsed rectum is the best way to fix prolapsed bowels.
at your age, I am not sure if you are able to have surgery or not.
have you meet with a general bowel surgery to talk about options to correct your prolapsed bowel?