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Dr. D. Love
Dr. D. Love, Doctor
Category: Medical
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Experience:  Family Physician for 10 years; Hospital Medical Director for 10 years.
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HelloI suffer from Fibromyalgia (bad) and sacralilitis,

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Hello I suffer from Fibromyalgia (bad) and sacralilitis, ADHD (diagnosed but not treated) and depression over the pain. My GP who i got on great with referred me after her diagnosing the FM to a pain consultant he agreed with her findings and recommendation of Fentanyl 50mcg/ph one or two patches to be applied as required not exceeding 2 patches every 72 hours. I was also on dihydrocodiene 30mg 2 in morning and two at night. One day i popped into see another GP who said this is meant for terminally ill patients only and I'm stopping both, (I thought he was joking) he was a senior partner within a now group and openly admitted patients like myself requiring so many scripts are making his life hard and thats why he sits their from 7am until 9am 4 days a week, before i had met him once, and all i can say is a great Dr he injected the chronic upper parts of my back with he claimed a medicine not to contain steroids, it was heaven, and lasted some days even weeks, so imo their was steroids within it. I have begged other Drs to do it, and they simply say that I'm not trained in that, so i returned to him and he point blankly refused. I saw another senior partner in the practice that re started the fentanyl @ 75mcg and the DF118 where no longer needed, i spoke to her about breakthrough pain and she said it will be liquid form and she does not want to go down that road. I suffer with very itchy skin when wearing the patches but find Dtrans (Janssen Cilag) the worst, i rub and rub not scratch my patch and no redness or bumps are their until about 48 hours when i have to remove it, within seconds of removing it i get hundreds of raised red lumps that develop into a scab. The Fencino brand are better and smaller in size but in my opinion dangerous, they fall of and you can't find them anywhere and my 3 daughters visit regular. I had a St Bernard with epilepsy who was 5, not prescribed CD meds because of the few seizers she was having and i lived for her, could not leave my house, incase she had a fit when out, but sadly passed away in my arms 7 weeks ago, that I'm finding it hard to cope with the CMHT are not helping a bit, can't see I'm in terrible pain can not make it to my gp and visit once a week, and telling me your doing well, your dropping your venlafaxine from 225mg to 150mg ready to go on Sertraline 50mg starting rate. they don't care that i am openly suicidal and now have nothing to live for now my dog has passed and now not getting out at all, despite attempts of going out for short periods in no pain and the journey home I'm in so so much pain i could cry. The GP practice is impossible to deal with you cannot get to see your own GP for 3 weeks or your only other choice is to speak to a locam that shows no interest says because its a CD drug only a partner can change the brand from Dtrans to Fencino and had the phone put down on me many times. I had a face to face chat with my Dr who supports the fentanyl and now issues 3 patches every 7 days because she has seen the rash on my skin, but I'm now unable to get out not even for shopping and rely on my 72 year old mum I'm 40 6ft male BP normal, no drink, no drugs but smoke 20 roll ups a day. I do not want to complain and cause friction or move gp, because i used to drink 16 cans of strong larger when employed in a call centre that had tight tight call stats it turned me to drink i went up to 19 stone and admitted to a private clinic for 4 weeks and put on massive amounts of valium diagnosed with ADHD Dyslexia depression stress and drink abuse but that never stopped me or one admission to dry out, just one day stopped and now back to 14s1 and not drank a drop for 4 years. My Gp wanted to and did refer me to the pain clinic, based 20 miles away, and i said to her is it worth going ? and she honestly answered "no" we have not seen much or no improvements in others who have been there and they will more than lightly do spinal injections and I'm scared really scared of needles and seen 3 c sections and could never go through that and i said to her if the Consultant does not agree with the previous one who confirmed the FM and agreed on treatment plan could they stop my patch ? and judging by her face the answer would of been yes. i have no other side effects, headaches when patch is on, I'm only using and prescribed the 3 x 50mcg per 7 days of the Dtrans and just given up with my Drs can't pre book a consultation with my gp just told to phone at 8am in the morning. what i feel like doing is reporting the now called Forest health group they have taken over another large practice and got a bad reputation and let them listen to the way the locam gp or gp at either practice deal with the call, the advice and care shown and i can not keep appointments or call at 8am if i have been up all night unable to sleep, or because of the ADHD stick to appointments 3 weeks away and if i ever do call its because I'm in urgent pain and need help quick !

Hello from JustAnswer.
I am sorry that you have had thee problems.
However, it is unclear what question you are asking?
What information would be helpful?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello there
I'm sorry Dr so much to tell. Your advice and opinion on treating FM with Fentanyl.
Togetger with advice on how to obtain a good standard of health care.
Also why will the group of partners supply the cheaper Fencino branded patches.
Also being treated like a second class citizen when educated to a Batcherlers Degree !
I'm seen as a "junky" told to my face I'm an expensive patient to have on the books.
The fact that one Dr supports one thing and the other stops it.
I've been up all night working myself up and going to get independent advice I'm also on 3 x 300mg of gabapetin and 10 mg of zolpidem that clearly states not for long term use I've been on it years !
Please ask any more questions as needed and sorry for the "dribble" I was angry with pain and still awake
The current recommendation for treatment of fibromyalgia is that opiates should be strongly avoided. Some doctors will never use opiates, while others may consider the use of opiates if all other treatment options have failed. Once it is decided to use an opiate, then it still would be appropriate to use the least amount of opiates to control the pain, but using a stronger opiate, such as fentanyl, may be appropriate.

I cannot speak for why the group uses the cheaper brand of patches, but the most common reason would be to save money.

It is worth noting that the gabapentin is one of the more commonly recommended drugs for fibromyalgia, although higher doses may be necessary. Other medicines that are frequently used include certain antidepressants, such as amitriptyline or duloxetine.
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