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I'm 27years old and I haven't had a period in 5months, last

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Hi I'm 27years old and I haven't had a period in 5months, last date was 13.3.15 and even then I wouldn't call it a bleed. I am in a relationship and I have taken ten pregnancy tests to reassure myself I am not pregnant.
I have lots of cramping, fluttering sensations in my stomach and I often feel nautious and tired however I don't feel pregnant (FYI I have a 7year old).
I was on the pill but had to change a few times because I found out I had osteopenia so I stopped to get my body feeling normal again but I have never been on except for that bleed. Should I be worried?
This is Dr. David
if you are stressed or have excessive anxiety or workout and exercise, this can cause you to have loss of periods.
you should see your GP and get blood test to make sure your hormone levels are normal.
excessive anxiety can cause you to have flutters and nausea and fatigue
you should not be having osteopenia at your age of 27.
your bones should be good, unless your estrogen levels are low.
when was the last time you saw your GP doctor to get routine blood work.
you need your thyroid levels checked as well.
low thyroid hormone levels can affect your period and cause fatigue.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I had lots of tests due to a deficiency with calcium, vitamin d and low iron. I was experiencing shooting pains and was so poorly I wasn't able to stand or focus. I had lots of test done last nov and they found out I had osteopenia. I have followed instructions like exercising, Eating more calcium, not drinking alcohol etc
I have been experiencing stress at work but not to the point of making myself poorly...
The last time I went to docs must have been before march to tell them again I was experiencing symptoms like before.
I do often get stomach pains, however it Justin feels more frequent and seen as I haven't had periods either I was getting quite a it concerned
you need more testing to check your thyroid hormone levels, your estrogen and LH and FSH levels to check if your pituitary gland is working properly.
you need also tests to check for autoimmune disorders such as ESR and ANA and C reactive protein
these are very specific and often expensive blood tests that the NHS should be getting for you.
you could also be having a bowel mal-absorption problem not absorbing enough nutrients in. your stools should be checked for blood and fat content as well. there should be very little to no fat in your stools.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you this has really helped...
I will definitely take your advice and see my GP to request these blood tests.As for stools -I did have blood in my stools a couple of weeks back and as it was a one off (cause it has happened before but ruled out by my GP) I just left it this time
Do yu recommend seeing someone tomorrow or can I wait till Monday?
it can wait until monday.
I hope this information helped
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