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I am so scared of dying. thought I would live as long as others

Customer Question

I am so scared of dying. thought I would live as long as others in the family 80's and 90's.
how am I goin ot come to terms that I ma dying for my own fault. I didn't have cancer or anything. but when I felt faint afew times my deputy encouraged me to walk around in the fresh air.when I should have seen the doctor. I am cross because I was normally brillian tat going to the doctor and that was the only time that I missed.i shouldn't have teaken her advice ebut do my usual rush ot the doctor. because of that I am dying. I can't cope with the thought that I would have been okay if I had seen the doctor as was my usual practice.i was determined not to die young like my dad. I am 62.he was the only one in the family to die young.i went to all the well woman clinics and tried generally to look after myself. I shouldn't have taken her was so out of character. now I have let my boys down and I can't go back and put it right. everybody knew that I was a regular patient at the surgery. why on earth didn't I go that one important my worst nightmare is happening and I can't cope with the fact that it is my own fault. if I had had cancer I would have thought I had drawn the short straw and tough luck girl but when it could have been prevented it is horrific. I can't forgive myself for giving this worry to the boys who were very close to me.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.
This is Dr. David

I have helped you before

you are not dying

you would not be dying for the last 7 years when you felt faint

your anxiety is out of control with worry about dying

you are not dying.