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Dr. Gehring
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I'm female, 52 years old with no health conditions. At night

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I'm female, 52 years old with no health conditions. At night time when I'm lying down in bed I experience a dull sensation going across my rib cage, about 1.5 inches below my breast bone. It's like a band of pressure about 0.5 inch wide going across from one side of my ribs to the other. It's slightly stronger on my right side.
Could it be a muscle spasm?
Could it be my pancreas? My homeopath once told me that despite not being diabetic, there is too much sugar in my diet and my pancreas isn't coping with it. Could it be this?
Could it be an ulcer?
Could it just be indigestion?
Hi there,
Welcome to Justanswer! I am Dr. Hoellering and pleased to help you.
If the pancreas couldn't cope with the sugar in your diet, you would have increased blood sugar levels (and be diabetic!), bu no pain.
Neither a pancreatitis nor a gastritis or ulcer bring increased pain while lying down. Thus the most probable reason for your discomfort is a condition of your spine. When the vertebra of the chest are compressend by lying down, the nerves that run from the spine alongside the rib cage to your stomach are getting irritated.
I would see an orthopedist or try ibuprofen and physiotherapy.
Best wishes!
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