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I'm 63 years old - gone through menopause years ago and have

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I'm 63 years old - gone through menopause years ago and have a severe problem with low libido-no libido. My marriage is in deep trouble as my husband and I have not had sex in over 8 years. He has been more than patient with me but now he just can't handle this problem anymore. My doctor put me on Premique for low libido and have taken it for 2 months now. It is not working, I see no difference. I now notice that I am very jittery and snap at everyone, I am crying for no reason and lose my patience very quickly where as before I was a very calm and patient person. I can't find anyone to help me with my problem here in the UK. Where can I go for help as I am feeling very desperate now. I want to get my relationship back with my husband before it's too late. Do you know where I can go in Essex County to receive help. The doctor did blood tests and there is nothing wrong with my thyroid but yet 4 people in my family have thyroid problems. Thank you.
Dear customer,

Thanks for your question.

Crying for no reason and your other symptoms point to you having a low mood/sadness and even depression. Now this depression and feeling hopeless and low can lead to losing interest or pleasure in sex leading to low libido. Therefore treating this low mood and sadness should be your doctors priority. You need to tell your doctor about these symptoms. Treating them will lead to improvement in your libido.

You need to ask your doctor to refer you to a sex therapist or counselor.

Take care.
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