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My 14 month old daughter has a angry red lesion on her arm

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My 14 month old daughter has a angry red lesion on her arm she has had for 12 months now , shes been treated for ring worm with cream , antibiotics twice now with no signs of clearing up, shebhas good days and bad days but last night woke to find our daughter coverd in blood as it was a very muggy hot night it was irrating her and she scratched it badly . shes been referd to dermertoligy but not 4 6 - 8 weeks but it started the size a spot now its the size of her dummy were just very worried any help would be greatly receaved
Hi. It would certainly help greatly if you could post a photo on this page

What was the cream she was given for ringworm?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

It was a fungisiseal cream same sort of cream u would treat thrush the first one was the 2 nd was differAnt but can rember ringworm was the first diagnosis but doctor was unable to take a scraping as its not allways dry as it weaps clear fliid sometimes

I cant work out how to add photo u got a email or seperat way of doing it?

You can either use the paperclip icon on this page or post it at Snapfish, Photobucket or Imageshacke and give me the link Darren

Was any type of cortisone cream tried?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Got it Darren--thanks.

Was any kind of cortisone cream tried?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

one of them was some sort of clotrimazole cream and outher was fluocinonide cream sorry but as we were told to dispose of after 7 - 10 days after treatment were franticly trying to find papers or direction but cant dose this help

Yes that helps too--thanks.

All I can do is give you my thoughts here but of course you'll have to wait for the dermatologist to look at this

She needs a biopsy of this for an exact diagnosis, but it looks like a type of inflammatory eczema. In that case it needs a particularly powerful steroid cream--either tacrolimus or pimecrolimus--to treat it.

Talk to her doctor about trying one of those before she sees the dermatologist
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