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I have aske dbefore but get different answers from doctors.

Customer Question

I have aske dbefore but get different answers from doctors. I had good health unitl one day in my office ei felt faint a few times. my deputy head said to walk in the fresh air na dmy normal practice ewould have been to rin g the doctor . I was a hypondriac and normally went for everything. I wish so much that I ahd followe dmy normal pratic eand gone to the doctor . one of your doctors thinks I ma ill now and hae been for ten years because I idn't see the doctor when I was feeling faint. I ahd 7 years afer the fainting episode when I was fine. htne ten years ago I started saying sill yhting slike my back wa sbroken and the nurses in the ward were tryin gto kill me. I have felt that I am dying for ten years. I ma frightene dto go out in cas ei do. I was determined that I wouldn't die young like my dad and thought I would always be careful and go to the doctor an davoid htta happening. but I let myself down by not going to the doctor. it was so out of character for me not to. another rof your doctors tink si am going to be okay because a life threatening illness doesn't go away for 7 years and htne come back with ten years worth. I am so scared. but don't know who is right. one doctor thinks I have thanatophobia. I think I proabaly did have when my dad die din fron tof me when I was 13. there was no counselling in those days.but I don't think I have it now. my physairt says that I have unspecified neurotic vdiorder. h edoesn't know if I am dying either.i paid for tests my ecg was fine and all the blood tests were fine except for the liver one.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. Chip replied 2 years ago.
Hi. I see you've discussed this before with another expert.

What exactly are your symptoms now?