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I think I had a panic attack last night, I could not breathe

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I think I had a panic attack last night, I could not breathe and fell to the floor. I have been throwing up ever since and there has been blood in my sick. I now feel like my chest is really tight and I have pins and needles and still feel like I can't breathe. My skin has lost colour, is there anything that can be done to stop this?
Dear JA customer ,sorry to hear your problem, I will be happy to assist you in your problem.your symptoms can be explained by panic attack. but we must rule out other disease before we reach the diagnosis of panic attack. if you have previously been diagnosed with panic disorder, then this may be panic attack. you have been vomiting , and that can lead to electrolyte disturbances, especially low potassium and high bicarbonate , leading to low calcium all of which can cause pins and needles sensation , skin color changes. and excessive vomiting can cause chest tightness because of mucosal tear in esophagus ( if it is only mucosal , this is just a benign thing and recovers on its own and with omeprazole.) but if tear is deeper, we may need to intervene,first i need to look for answer to why you have been throwing up. did you have food poisoning or excess alcohol, or was it all of sudden , and lasted during that episode only. so what i suggest is followingyou need to make an appointment with primary care physician , explain your symptoms. run some blood tests and imaging like chest xray , and if the come out negative , and you do have panic attack ,, then we have following treatment for panic attack acute panic attack treatment is with benzodiazepine ( lorzepam mostly ) and for chronic treatment , to prevent relapses of acute panic attack we use SSRI such as fluoxetine.but before that i suggest to see primary physician and rule out other causes.if you have any further question,please feel free to aks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I did have 6 alcoholic drinks (single measure) because I do have a heart arrhythmia so I don't over do it. This attack lasted around one hour. The vomit isn't alcohol or food it's bial I do also have palpitations. The doctors clinic isn't open today so is there anything you could suggest to ease it until tomorrow? Also is it usual to be in pain and feel unwell for 12 hours after the attack happened?

if you have persistent chest pain and palpitations, i would not wait for doctor's office to open,. i would strongly recommend to go to emergency department and get an EKG and electrolytes done , therefore making sure pain is not coming from heart and rhythm is okay. Also,, electrolyte disturbances , i.e sodium, potassium, magnesium also need to be checked and corrected. if you have any further question, feel free to ask.if this suffice, please click on accept.thanks
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