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What foods drinks potentiate the effect of ritalin IR and concerta

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What foods drinks potentiate the effect of ritalin IR and concerta Xl?
Hello from JustAnswer.

The primary diet components that may potentiate the effect of Ritalin or Concerta are caffeine and similar compounds. These substances affect the adrenalin system of the body, which is the site of action of these drugs. Caffeine is generally more potent than the similar compounds, and is most readily found in coffee and tea. The most common similar compounds are theobromines, which are most readily found in chocolate. However, the other issue with chocolate is the issue with sugar discussed below.

The other issue from a dietary perspective is not which foods potentiate the medicines as the avoidance of foods that may exacerbate the underlying condition. Food components that may exacerbate the condition are artificial flavors and coloring, so it is recommended to be eating as much fresh food as possible. Clinical studies on elimination of artificial flavors and coloring has been mixed, and since there are no consistent findings, this is not strongly advocated, but if you are wanting to try dietary intervention, this has the greatest amount of study. There also has been an observation from many patients and family that sugar intake can exacerbate the underlying problem, although there are no good clinical studies that confirm these observations. So, a diet consisting of fresh ingredients that avoids concentrated sweets and sugars would be reasonable.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

ok many thanks. Does magenisum( antacids) and potassium have an impact?

There is some evidence that magnesium deficiency can cause symptoms similar to ADHD, and magnesium replacement in that situation would typically result in improvement of symptoms. However, there is no similar evidence that magnesium supplementation of someone without magnesium deficiency will be helpful, nor that foods that are high in magnesium are helpful.

There is no evidence that potassium deficiency or supplementation will help, although a low potassium and a low magnesium can occur together.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I appreciate your reply, does anti-acid medication reduce the effect of Concerta XL or increase or make it remain longer in the system.

If I have acidic stomach does that impact?

No, an antacid medicine does not affect the Concerta, either in absorption or metabolism.

An acidic stomach also is not an issue with the use of Concerta. In reality, everyone has strong acid in their stomach. A person that complains of an acidic stomach is getting irritation from the acid, but everyone has the acid. There is no problem with stomach acid on the absorption of Concerta, which can be taken with or without food.
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