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5 months ago my foot turned outwards on some cobbles.Since

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5 months ago my foot turned outwards on some cobbles.Since then I have been in pain,the foot is swollen,(goes down at night in my raised bed,but swells up as soon as I get up).I have had an X-ray,and an MRI,neither showed anything obviously wrong.I had a steroid injection which did no good,now I have been seeing a physio for some weeks who gives me exercises to do.It is just getting worse.I have been advised to take anti-inflammatories 3 times a day,(it is thought to be an inflamed tendon),use ice packs,putan arch support in my shoe and use a stick,all of which I am doing. I am totally fed up as I cannot get on with my life.I am wondering whether there could be nerve damage,as it often tingles like little electric shocks.I am 75,please help !
Hi. Indeed there is some nerve damage here and you may have a neuroma on one of the nerves as well. A ct scan would more likely pick that up than an MRI, but you also need nerve conduction studies. You may also have something called reflex sympathetic dystrophy which is a kind of neuropathy and nerve inflammation. You may need something called nerve ablation to relieve your symptoms but first I would have you seen by a physiatrist--a physical medicine and rehabilitation MD specialist--for hands on treatment for this Let me know if you need any more information please
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

What is nerve ablation please,it sounds painful! ?

Not really, Marilyn. Here's a link about it, although in this case it's referring to heel pain

It's basically a way of permanently deadening the nerve that's causing the pain.