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Dr. Gehring
Dr. Gehring, Board Certified MD
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Experience:  Private Practice for 20 years.Specialized in emergency care, psychosomatic diseases,sexual medicine, acupuncture.
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There Just a general question re my grandson, he has learning

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Hi There
Just a general question re my grandson, he has learning difficulties, mentally backward ,
he is 27 years old in rented accomadation, His Mum.(my daughter) lives just round the corner from him, she is his appointee.
Most of the time Mark is fine, but maybe once every two weeks he takes alcohol, gets drunk and becomes violent, this has led to police involvement, When not taking alcohol he is fine, because of the situation he has had to move house 3 times in the past few years because of neighbour complaints, social work don't seem to have a clue, Jacky took him to his old GP saying she heard there was a tablet or something, to stop people taking drink, the GP. said this was only for alcoholics. is this type of thing not prescribed for mental health reasons, or is there any treatment he can get, as I say without drink there is no problem

Hi there, I am Dr. Hoellering and pleased to help you. Perhaps ou are refering to Nalmefen (Selincro), which is an anticraving substance not only for alcoholics, but for "critical drinkers" like your grandson as well. It is for "adult patients with alcohol dependence who have a high drinking risk level (DRL) and who do not experience physical withdrawal symptoms and who do not require immediate detoxification". I would ask the GP for this medication. Maybe he didn't know it because it is relatively new on the market. All the best to you and your family!

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