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Dear Doctor, I have tested negative after 6 months,

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Dear Doctor, I have tested negative for HIV after 6 months, however i have not been tested for Hepatitis. If I had hepatitis aswell, would this affect the negative HIV result. To give you a bit more information I have been having symptoms e.g I had a bad cold after about 3 months following possible infection, and a rash on my toes. I keep getting spots on my fingers and other parts of my body. I have been smoking a lot and drinking because I am so stressed. I also occasionally take symbicort (steroid) inhaler and sambutomol. I have read that some health workers who contracted hep and HIV, it took 12 months for the HIV infection to show up. Please help.
Hello from JustAnswer.

No. If you had hepatitis, it would not cause the HIV test to be inaccurate. The reports that people continue to quote were at a time when we were using previous generations of HIV tests. With the current generation of HIV tests, the negative test that you had done at 6 months would be reliable, even if you had hepatitis.

If you only had the single potential exposure, then you do not need to be concerned about getting any further testing for that exposure. Of course, if you are otherwise sexually active outside of a mutually monogamous relationship, it would be reasonable to perform regular HIV testing, usually annually.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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