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Dr. David
Dr. David, Board Certified MD
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I had cold like symptoms. A lot of mucus. A irritable cough.

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I had cold like symptoms. A lot of mucus. A irritable cough. When lying down I had breathing problems so have to be in the seated position when sleeping. Initially I became very hot after a coughing fit. At the moment I dont seem to have any energy and have to have a rest after short distances.
This is Dr. David

you should see a doctor or pulmonologist to get more lung testing

you need a pulmonary function test and possibly a chest CT scan and sputum culture.

you might need a course of steroids and antibiotics to help clear up a possibly lung infection or pneumonia

you might need medications like mucinex to help break up mucous in your chest.

you might need inhalers or nebulizers to help open up airways to help you breath

one option is to go to the ER if you are having irritable cough and mucus and for ER doctors there to do a chest CT scan and pulmonary function test and oxygen test of your blood.

you should see a doctor right away about this

you can go to a local hospital close to you or to a local A&E department for urgent evaluation

or see your GP doctor right away.

let me know if you have questions
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