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A few days ago there was blood outside our front door, it could

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A few days ago there was blood outside our front door, it could have been an animal or human as there was a few feathers, we have a milk delivery and he leaves it on the doorstep by the blood stains, I cut myself removing the foil top, if the milkman had done it first or blood from the path got on the bottle, is this a risk of HIV, also I cut myself in the supermarket on a packet of meat, if someone else had done the same before me is this a risk from HIV
Hello from JustAnswer.

Neither of these would carry any realistic risk of HIV. Bleeding can be a source of transmission of HIV, but it would require a exposure to either fresh blood or a large volume of blood. With the amount of bleeding that occurs with cutting oneself on the foil of a milk container or a packet of meat, there would need to be exposure to fresh blood, as the virus will die relatively quickly once outside the body. If the virus is in a large volume of blood or in a preserved state, then it can survive for a longer period of time, which is why it can be transmitted by blood transfusions. But in the situations that you describe, it would typically need to be fresh exposure.

So, there is no reason for you to be concerned about either of these situations.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Before I rate to finish, about the blood on my doorstep, the postman left a parcel on the doorstep where the blood was, and in the parcel was face wash and mascara, is this safe to use or could the parcel be conminated with HIV from the blood on the doorstep, and my postman put a letter through the door and it had a red mark on it, and I picked it up straight away with a fresh cut on my finger, is there a risk of transmission if the blood on the envelope was the postmans.
There would be no risk with the face wash or the mascara in the parcel. There also would be no risk if the letter picked up some of the blood on the doorstep as the letter was put through the door.

The only way that there could be any risk would be if the postman was HIV positive and freshly bled onto the envelope that was then quickly exposed to a fresh cut on your fingers. Even in this situation, the risk would be very low, but there would be a theoretic risk in this situation.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Do you think I need testing? Or should I just not worry
No. There is no medical indication for testing.

Some people let their anxiety about situations guide testing, and that is generally fine, as there is no risk beyond the cost of testing. I tell my anxious patients with no medical indication for testing that they should go donate blood whenever their anxiety needs reassurance, and then there is some additional good that comes from their anxiety about the situation.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you Dr Love, unfortunately I cannot give blood as I am on all sorts of medication for previous Thyroid Cancer, OCD and recently Breast Cancer, so it's very unlikely they will want my blood!
Also I help train puppy's for Guide Dogs fro the blind and this morning at puppy class one of the puppies got very excited and nibbled another puppy trainer and drew blood, then she nibbled me and drew blood if the puppy drew blood on someone else then drew blood on me could I be infected with HIV?
That is a separate scenario, so a differet question, and you have not yet provided a positive rating for the answer to the first question.