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Dr Uzair
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Last April I had a bad migraine type headache that lasted

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Hi. Last April I had a bad migraine type headache that lasted for about a week. My GP sent me for a X Ray which showed some compaction of the upper spine, neck area. My doctor said that I had a migraine. I had this again in July which lasted about the same length of time. Then about two weeks ago I again developed a mild type of migraine which I still have off and on. Last Monday I had shimmering / glittering in my eyes which lasted about ten minutes. I went to a walk in centre where they checked me out and assured me that I hadn't had a TIA or stroke. I have also been asked to record my blood pressure over the last two weeks as it is always high when I visit a medical establshment. However it is mostly normal at home and at work. I am concerned that I am heading for a stroke.
Hi and thanks for the query.Your symptoms are more in favor of aura which preceded migraine probably. TIA's can present like this but less often they mostly come with loosing abilities. If your physician had thoroughly examined you for stroke and had not found any positive finding in favor of stroke its less likely. Some times glittering and flashing can be symptom of an eye problem called retinal detachment. I would suggest you should get your eyes examined as well to rule out anything serious. To be on safe side you can get imaging of brain and get a thorough physical examination by a neurologist to rule out any event like stroke although it is less likely. You should monitor your blood pressure and maintain it with in normal range. I hope this would help.Let me know if you have further questions.Please do leave a positive rating.Wish you good health.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your reply. The aura I experienced happened about a week after the onset of the mild migraine type pain. Could the problems I have with my spine be causing this ?
Yes spine problems can cause these symptoms. So its best to get yourself thoroughly examined by a physician.wish you good health.Please do leave a positive rating.
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