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Id like to ask about my symptom ... I'm 51yr, I'm quite

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hello, id like to ask about my symptom ...
I'm 51yr, I'm quite healthy diet and do swimming and yoga often.i do smoke very lare but normally i don't.
i have menopausal condition while,its not so bad that get hot at bed and not so easy to sleep often.sometime feel nauseas.when i lay down for sleep and try to calm myself , i feel something in my blood ..its similar as after smoking ...and heart beating loudly.
I'm quite easy to get nerve trap from young time, so i m keep go to see chiropractor 3month once around .but from sometime ago i have some pain and numbness around arms .
this few weeks i got some chest pain its just left on heart, but sometime right side .its quite sharp sometimes, but i can carry on what ever i need to do.
this morning i wake up i had chest pain, i keep rest and sleep then now i got back pain that behind heart aria . i still has some squeeze feeling around my chest.but not pain.i checked my pulse it 50 /min.
do i have some heart condition? or just combination of nerve problem and menopause?
Hi Noriko. This doesn't sound like your heart. It sounds like you have disk problems in your cervical and thoracic spine--your neck and upper back. It does also sound like you have menopausal symptoms with hot flashes. The chiropractor should be able to help with the neck and back problem Let me know if you need more information please
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

thank you. i feel not to nerves about heart and i'm doing right things.

thank you again.


My pleasure but let me know how it goes and please remember to rate my service to you