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I was diagnosed with mild gastritis following an

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Hi I was diagnosed with mild gastritis following an Endoscopy in June 2015. My GP prescribed Omeprazole but these tablets made me feel much worse. My GP then put me on Ranitidine these were not as bad as the Omeprazole but I was in considerable pain and it felt as if food was stuck for days in my stomach. I was also constipated. I am currently not taking any medication but I cannot seem to digest food apart from my staple diet of porridge made with water, skinned chicken breasts, fish, vegetables and potatoes. I am unable to eat anything which is milk based, any ham, steak etc. The best way I can describe my symptoms is that it seems as if my Digestive system is very poor with little or no HCL to break down the food. I have asked my GP to see if it is possible to have low levels of digestive acid and she said it was impossible and the only thing she could offer me were the Proton Pump Inhibitors or a H2 Antagonists but I know that these drugs merely reduce the amount of stomach acid. Incidentally, I was tested negative for Helicobacter pylori. The whole situation is daunting and in desperation I have asked for a private referral to see a gastroenterologist as I have noticed over the past few days that I now have pain in my kidneys and since last June I have lost over 10 lbs. Thank you so much for your help. H XXXXXXXXXXX

This is Dr. David

digestion is not only in the stomach, but also takes place in the bowels as well.

there your liver and gall bladder inject bile into your small bowel to help with digestion. a HIDA scan can check for gall bladder function to see if it is ejecting enough bile into your bowels to help with digestion. if the gall bladder is not functioning properly, you might need to have it removed.

a stool fat test can see if your are not digesting and absorbing fats in your diet properly

you need a colonoscopy as well as a bowel motility study to see if you might have slow bowel motility or slow peristalsis in your bowels which can lead to constipation

you could have an allergy to lactose sugars or casein milk proteins in dairy products. you could have an allergy to gluten wheat protein as well. these might need to be avoided in your diet. these would tend to cause diarrhea or loose stools or gas and bloating if you had these allergies.

you need to make sure you are drinking enough fluids and water per day. you could have a kidney stone causing your pain in the kidneys.

I am glad you are asking for a private referal to see a GI doctor

talk to them about these tests I mentioned to see if they may help you find the cause of your problems.

let me know if you have questions.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your advice, it was very helpful, I have just one other question. Is there a test available for low HCL in the digestive system, perhaps a blood test, or a saliva test or even an urine test? No doctors in my practice have ever tested for low levels of HCL
yes, there is esophageal and gastric pH probe tests which can measure the acid levels in your esophagus and your stomach

a GI doctor can do this to look into your stomach.

let me know if you have other questions.

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