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M. Redman age 71 Bp 124/70/88 I owned two companies sold

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M. Redman age 71 Bp 124/70/88
I owned two companies sold and fell into clinical depression some 30 years ago. Today I take Isocarboxazid and lithium medication. 10 years ago Thyroid problems still unsolved after three years. Later I was diagnosed with Metastatic prostate cancer. Because I finally dealt with a doctor who tested my cortisol/Dhea I then noticed with his prescribed adrenal medication that it ramped up my Cortisol from a very low 13 AND my PSA followed . I am now in my ninth year with a psa of 1.2 – apparently Less than 1% survive to this age
I guess the question I am asking is this
I think the low state of my adrenals is compromising my thyroid and now feel so low I am seriously considering taking a very low dose of Dhea while taking frequent psa readings and adrenal stress tests. I have plotted the exponential values of my PSA over eight years and categorically there have been 6 basic foods/drinks which have caused PSA spikes which immediately disappeared when I dropped these items from my diet.
I am in such a low state and have little to loose that my intention is to start on a very low dose of DHEA I realise the potential lf raising my testosterone but there are mixed messages on this and it might alleviate my depression.
Many thanks *****
Ps I have Zoladex to stop my Testosterone
I have had to pay for the adrenal stress tests and many others
Hello. I'm Dr. Phil, licensed and practicing internist. Excellent service is my goal.
This is a very complex situation and there is no easy answer. Basically in taking any form of hormone that can fuel testosterone production, you are risking worsening the prostate cancer. It is a risk. There is no doubt about that.
That being said, you have to live your life. So if, to you, the risk is worth it then by all means you should try it.
You seem very educated on the topic and you clearly know the risks.
What additional information can I provide to you that can help guide you in your decision?
Dr. Phil, MD and 2 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you
thanks for the rating. Let's continue until you are 100% satisfied and we get you a great answer
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

In recent blood test my B12 was 140 range 180 to xxx Last June I had 5 weeks of extreme diarrhea and this possible interfered with the passage of B12 into the blood stream.

I decide to look at other B vitamins whic couls have been affected ans then checked on Isocarboxazid for the fiest time in years. new papers have appeared linking it to a decrease in B6 whunlike B12 cannot be stored

My mefical adice however is that there was no point in taking a a b6 test

During thia attack of a diarrhea my cortsol went reached a pea of 45 with no affect on my cancef. This I assume was due to the fact its attention was mainly on subduing the inflamation My Dhea dropped to the bottom ans remins there

my cortisolis now 23 yet little changes 1.2 ans I speculat the reason is that at the latter end of mydiarrhea for the first time in my life I had sinus problems and the mucous smelt foul and although nless now still does Sol cortisol is now using some of its energy preumablty to fight this - to date I have har 3 nasal sprays one course of penicllin and three different ant biotics and now refused more of the same.

Is a B6 test a waste of time

should i now see an EENT specialist

M reverse T3 , Iodene and Pitutry gland have never been tested neither any other 'adrena hormones' as the tests are refused can you comment on the usefulness of the tests not done . I realise Iodene has its oen problems

Sorry for being so wordy but appreciate any guidance



The B6 test would be helpful. Also B1 and zinc. These can be low with diarrhea. Vitamin D as well.As for the reverse T3, I don't see that being useful.Just a TSH, T4, and T3 is all that is needed
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Man thanks one last question

If i start DHEA at say 5mg is that a senisble level or too low. Then monitor my psa and inrease 5 mg at a What time intervals between incrteases would you suggest

I think that is a sensible level with close monitoring of PSA increase every 3 months with close PSA monitoring
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Many thanks for your help.

My best wishes


good luck to you Malcolm :)