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I am 31 year old female. I weigh 10 stone and I'm 5ft 8

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Hi I am 31 year old female. I weigh 10 stone and I'm 5ft 8 inches tall. I have had varicose vein on my left calf and ankle in the past which runs in my family who all have them but not a family history of blood clots at all only when older in their 90s in which my grandad had a stroke and my great auntie. I had foam injection in the past which worked for 6 years but varicose vein has recently started to come back. It's only lumpy around my ankle when I stand up but painful when I walk around. On my calf their are prominent blue and red veins look similar to spider veins but bigger but not lumpy. It's not red or hot to touch than normal no hardness or unusual swelling. It only swells around my ankle when I stand but the leg pain is akwats their even when lying down. Could this be dvt? I do worry a lot when I read things on the Internet and convinced myself it must be anxiety but I know I'm not imagining the pain of it. I went to gp but they send me away as see no swelling with my leg or ankle when I lay down. I've had no recent long journeys and I have recently come off combined contraceptive pill that I was on for 3 months to help my periods. Been off it now for 2 weeks. Called Marvelon which I had taken lots of times in past but never had a problem with but have decided not to take it again as don't like the risks involved. What is your advice on this leg pain?
Dear customer, Thanks for your question. With varicose veins also there may be mild to severe leg pain, including nocturnal cramping, and a feeling of heaviness which is diffuse, dull aching and is seen after prolonged standing or walking. However both DVT and this complication of varicose veins may cause similar symptoms. Since you have already shown this to your doctor and they have ruled out DVT, you need not worry, but do get this varicose veins treated to prevent such complications. Take care.
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