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Dr. David
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Here are some of my symptoms: tiredness, constant tension headaches,

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Here are some of my symptoms: tiredness, constant tension headaches, digestive IBS issues, depression, foot pain (gout?), 400+ platelet levels, low blood pressure. Headaches and exhaustion have been particularly bad laterly. I am 45 and quite active lifestyle/fit. Any thoughts?
This is Dr. David

any sort of inflammation can cause platelet levels to be high.

poor sleep at night time can cause fatigue

you should get thyroid hormone levels checked which can affect sleep.

not drinking enough water and dehydration or too much or too little caffeine can cause headaaches. not drinking enough fluids can cause low blood pressure.

blood uric acid levels and joint space aspiration can check for gout.

how low is your blood pressure?

do you have a GP doctor you can see who can run these tests for you?

you might need medication treatment for your depression symptoms as well.
why did you leave a negative feedback?I am still here to help you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi. these are straightforward answers that I already know myself - a 10 minute search on google would provide more information than the above. I expected some ideas of how these symptoms together (their coexistence) may point towards specific conditions to get checked for. I did not need a separate explanation of each one - I know that a good night's sleep reduces tiredness. You can understand why I do not feel this answer was worth 24 pounds. Sorry about that but this is genuine feedback.
we can't take a full medical history or do physical examination or order testing here.

symptoms in isolation do not necessarily point to one medical condition.

you need more testing and evaluation by a doctor to get to the root of your problems

simplying listing symptoms will not point to your medical condition.
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