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I am 74 and have vaginal bleeding,fluid in the endometrial

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I am 74 and have vaginal bleeding,fluid in the endometrial cavity, small fibroids and have never had children. I am due for a hysteroscopy Thursday. My doctor is talking about complete hysterectomy. Doesn't look good. However, I also have cervical stenosis which might cause the fluid to build up.
My question is, I don't want to have a hysterectomy and definitely don't want my ovaries taken away. Is there any other treatment? I realise that the results of the hysteroscopy, if not good, wuld necessitate a hysterectmy, but I wanted to ask the question first just to give me some hope that there might be other ways of treatilng my conditions if benign. Many thanks.
Hello from JustAnswer.

The options that may be available would depend upon what benign problem is found to be the cause of the bleeding. If there is simply benign overgrowth of the lining of the uterus, such as a polyp or endometrial hyperplasia, then the doctor may be able to remove the tissue with curettage.

If the bleeding is due to a fibroid that is in a location to irritate the lining and cause bleeding, then there may be options of a removal of the fibroid or destruction of the fibroid using sound waves.

The usual approach would be first make a clear diagnosis of the cause of the bleeding, and then the options can be appropriately discussed.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

You didn't mention the fluid I've got in the endometrium cavity. As I also have cervical stenosis, I'm hoping the build up of fluid will be caused by that, or perhaps by the smal fibroids I apparently have. I think my bad diet recently might have caused them. I realise I need the hysteroscopy to confirm everything but my question relates to benign conditions. Couldn't they just open the cervix and drain the fluid out? I am so anxious and look forward to your answer asap. I live on my own with no family so you can imagine my terror at all this and not wanting to have any organs taken out of me. I am just looking for possible alternatives because as we all know, hysterectomy isn't always necessary. Thank you.

The build up of fluid would be caused by the same problem as is causing the bleeding, but some of the fluid is not passing, and you are correct that it is likely from the cervical stenosis. Yes, opening the cervix will help to drain the accumulated fluid/blood, and this will be accomplished during the hysteroscopy, but there still remains the issue of identifying the original cause of the bleeding, and that is the primary issue. The fluid accumulation will resolve during the evaluation for the cause of the bleeding, so is only a minor component.
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