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I have a general numbness and tingling in my left leg, down

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I have a general numbness and tingling in my left leg, down to the foot, any ideas please ?
HelloI am Dr.Amita and I would be helping you today.Please tell since how long have you been having these symptoms?What is your age?Any pain associated with these symptoms?Thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Just since this morning. I am 58. No other pain
Do you have any weakness in the limb?Does your foot feel cold?Any backache?Has something similar happened before?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Doesn't feel cold. I'm a bit stiff in the joints, but I put that down to lack of exercise. No backache. not felt this before
Thanks for replying.There are few possibilities.Most likely this is a nerve related problem.Nerves which supply sensation to the limb originate in the lower spine and travel down the limb.Nerves can get compressed anywhere along the course of a nerve when it ravels down into limb.Most commonly a disc prolapse in the lower spine starts pressing these nerves in lower spine causing abnormal sensations like tingling or loss of sensations.Most of the times this produces pain as well but at times only sensory symptoms are seen as seen in your case.At times circulation to the limb can get blocked by an artery getting completely or partially blocked.Limb feeling cold is an accompanying symptom.If the limb is not cold this is unlikely but would still need to be ruled out by clinical examination.A color doppler test ( a type of ultrasound to look at blood vessels) may be needed.You need to have a doctor look at you and examine you as this is something which should not be neglected.This is an initial answer.If you need further help please use "Reply to expert" button.
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