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There I read on the internet that electrical appliances

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Hi there
I read on the internet that electrical appliances make people sick and because I have similar symptoms I have convinced myself I have a problem with this and am now frightened to go near appliances.
I worry that I am going to get hurt when I'm near them and have intense fear and physical symptoms. All this because of something I read online!!
I have been told by a friend that I have a psychotic disorder for not shaking off this
bad thought/ fear.
I'm so scared that I am psychotic, I think I am in touch with reality but I admit this worry is with me all day.
Is there anyone who can help, tell me I'm not psychotic but more probably some sort of anxiety disorder.
Thanks so much
Nicola Morris
Dear customer,Thanks for your question.Basically the two broad categories of mental disorder are psychosis and neurosis.Psychosis occurs when there is grossly impaired reality testing. With gross impairment in reality testing, these patients incorrectly evaluate the accuracy of their perceptions and thoughts and make incorrect conclusions about external reality, even in the face of evidence to the contrary.The term psychotic however in not used when there are minor distortions of reality that involve matters of relative judgment. For example, a depressed person who underestimates his or her achievements is not described as psychotic, whereas if he/she believes that he/she has caused natural disasters they are so described as psychotic.In anxiety neurosis there is a consistent feeling of restlessness and apprehension and the person suffering from it can easily become obsessed with the perceived source of fear (or even the feeling itself), and can develop a phobia.Hence you are not psychotic since you are very much aware of your fear and it being irrational, therefore please consult your doctor and he/she will prescribe medication, and in addition will advice behavioral therapy and counseling. Take care.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks for the comment but I don't quite understand. If I know the fear is irrational why can't I stop worrying about what the internet said ?

Thanks so much

Dear customer, Thanks for your question. This is because this is a disease and a mental disorder in which the predominant disturbance is a symptom or a group of symptoms that is distressing to the individual and is recognized by her as unacceptable and alien thought. But with treatment you will be able to stop worrying about this. Take care.