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Doctor I have low abdominal pain more than one month,

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Hi, Doctor
I have low abdominal pain more than one month, later developing back pain and yellow discharge. I saw a doctor last Tuesday.She thought I get infection inside and prescribed metronidazole and cefalexin for one week. Pain reduces a little bit, but yellow discharge change to pink colour from Thursday night. I am quite worried. Is this infection not controlled or other problem there. When I finish the course, Do I need more antibiotics ? By the way, I also had transvaginal pelvic scan last Saturday, the right ovary expanded to 29mls by a persistent 4cm larger than expected follicle. I will have repeat scan in 6 weeks. Thank you.
Dear JA customer,
sorry to hear about your problem,
i am online and will be happy to assist you.

your symptoms are typical of pelvic inflammatory disease.
you were prescribed right antibiotics although i would like to add coverage for chalymydia like azithromycin or doxycycline. consider discussing this with your doctor.

antibiotics , usually do and hopefully will resolve the infection completely. change of color means that infection is resolving. you should be having less pain and no fever ( if you had previously).
but i would recommend adding azithro/ doxy to cover chlyamdyia which is most common cause of pelvic inflammatory disesae.

i hope this helps.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Doctor.
Thank you very much for replying. How long will the antibiotics I need take? I also have checked the web , pink colour discharge could be one of symptom cancer ?
Thank you very much.
hi and thanks for asking it does not mean cancer at all. you do not need to worry about that. its naturat history of course of pelvic inflammatory disease.upto 2 weeks of antibiotics may be needed depending on response and severity at presentation.i hope this helps. if this answers your query, kindly click on accept. if you have any follo-up questions, please feel free to ask .thanks
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