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There. I went smear (pap) test last week, only for

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Hi there. I went for my smear (pap) test last week, only for the nurse to tell me that she couldn't open the speculum because my muscles were too tight. What happens when I go again and the same thing happens? I'm also beginning to worry as I've had an unusual discharge today (browner than usual but no smell) and a small amount of discomfort in my pelvic area/thighs, so I'm starting to think something is wrong and I'm about to convince myself that its cancer after looking on Google!
This is Dr. David
I bet you were very nervous when you were having your pap smear.
this can cause your muscles to tense up and make it hard to impossible to do a pap smear exam and vaginal exam.
you need to relax at your next gyn exam
you can ask your doctors for medications like valium or xanax or ativan to take prior to the gyn exam to help you relax.
you are letting your anxiety and worries get out of control with worry about cervical cancer which is a rare cancer which gets more rare year after year.
brown discharge is most likely old blood which is coming out of the uterus
do you have bad anxiety symptoms?
have you ever taken medications to help you decrease your anxiety symptoms?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I'm not particularly anxious, the nurse said to me it wasn't me being too tense it was just that my muscles were really tight
you can ask your gyn doctors about using a vaginal dilator to help open up your vaginal canal.over time this can help with gyn examination.if you are not sexually active, it can be very common and normal to have a narrow and tight vaginal canal.using a vaginal dilator once a week or twice a week can help open up the vaginal canal and make future gyn exams easier to perform.and it will also help you learn to relax vaginal canal muscles.vaginal dilators are medical devices and your gyn doctors will know about them. one set for example. you have any other questions?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No thanks, I'll look into those. Thanks
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