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My mother lives in the Philippines and has diabetes. She had

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My mother lives in the Philippines and has diabetes. She had a stroke November last year. Her left side was paralysed but she can still talk and her mind still sharp. Her condition deteriorated last July this year when she suffered hypoglycemia. From then on her blood pressure is so unstable. Her doctor says this is due to her high level of creatinine. Her doctor was able to stabilise her creatinine without undergoing dialysis.I went back to the Philippines to visit her last September 1 but on 4th of September we rushed her to the hospital as she was very weak and her speech was slurring. She got a CT scan upon arrival and the doctor found no indication of damage in her brain that might affect her speech. The only thing that is so high is her creatinine. The doctors ruled it out as metabolic. She is now undergoing dialysis. I am just concern because after nearly 3 weeks of hospitalisation she is still not speaking and sleep a lot. Every now and then open her eyes but appear to be in a trance like state. She seem to be not with it. I do not know if she has given up on life or what. Her response to pain is also brief. Is this normal? Will giving her an antidepressant helps? By the way she is now on NGT. Please help me to understand her situation.
Hi. First off she needs a second ct scan of her brain since if she did have a stroke it wouldn't show up on that first scan. Second, this could be severe depression and, if so, an antidepressant might help Third, having been in the hospital for so long she may be what we call "sundowning" which is a condition we often see in older people who are in a hospital and not in familiar surroundings She may not have had a stroke but she does need the repeat ct scan Let me know if you need more information please
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