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Dr Uzair
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I was diagnosed with haemorroids 5 years ago at the hospital

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I was diagnosed with haemorroids 5 years ago at the hospital by a consultant, who after examination said i had a very moveable unstable bowel and asked how many children i had ? I had 5 large babies vaginal births, I never asked him if this could cause problems later on ,as I still have bowel probs loose faeces whatever !! I do eat a high fibre diet to try control haemorroids, but just wonder wether this moveable bowel doesnt help ? I am a 63 yr old woman . Looking forward to your answer. Also had a vaginal hysterectomy at 40 yrs.
Hi and thanks for the query.Hemorrhoids are not caused by a movable or unstable bowel but it's actually the other way round, constipation causes hemorrhoids. Another common cause is: Multiple pregnancies. So, I think the doctor was asking you about your pregnancies since, the bowel was already loose and pregnancies might have been the only likely cause for hemorrhoids to develop in your case. Having a loose bowel will not cause problems as far as your hemorrhoids are concerned and high fiber diet also cause hyperactive bowel.I wouldn't be overtly concerned about this.Let me know if you need any more information.Please do leave a positive rating for the service.Best wishes.
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