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My toddler is showing these traits. Is it possibly autism

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Hello. My toddler is showing these traits. Is it possibly autism or is it most likely normal behaviour? She is 19 months.
Speech delay. ( babbles but no spoken words unless occasional copying.
Tantrums. Seems to be frustrated.
Very loving, responds to name and follows instruction.
Points at things in a book but not to get my attention to something.
Holds eye contact quite well and likes to engage with me and her dad. Eg: bringing a book to is to read.
Occasionally toe walks.
Occasionally spins round and looks out of the corner of her eye.
Gets upset when I leave her.
Not too keen on strangers. Seems very shy and turns away.
Waves bye bye and claps but has stopped doing it as often.
Doesn't use imaginative play. But doesn't get fixated on things either?
Greetings.Welcome to the site.Well, none of the traits of your child seems to be abnormal or suggestive of developmental delay as all of these traits are within the normal range as per her age. You need to understand that not all children will have exactly the same pace of their development, hence there is a range of age within which children need to develop their developmental skills and your child lies within this range so you do not have to bother. There will be some children who may start to walk or speak faster than others but as long as all of them come within the normal range of development then there is no need to worry.So just relax and enjoy and cherish her innocent actions and antics, this time will not come again. I wish you and your daughter all the best.Please kindly leave a POSITIVE RATING if you are satisfied with the answer.Regards
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