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My MRI scan showed I have 5 discs in my spine that

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My MRI scan showed I have 5 discs in my spine that has been crushed and protruding, causing immense pain when I stand for a time..I am a hairdresser with her own business, a sole trader, on her own. By the time lunch time comes, I am so grateful to sit down, and by 2.30pm, I have had enough...The symptoms are; painful hips, coming round into the abdomen ; pain going down my legs, sometimes back of legs, sometimes front, sometimes sides then going down into ankles, affects my toes as I have had pain in my neck, going into my collar bone....I also have a lazy bowel, and all this seems to affect it, not to the point where I have lost control, but its only because I get tummy ache that I know I should go to the loo.....I am going to Physio, but its seems a waste of time, excersising seems to aggrevate it...Any ideas?? PLEASE
HelloA specialist MD needs to be in charge of your care.This MD is called a doctor of PM&R. Physical medicine and rehabilitation.Also called a physiatrist.You need way more than physioHome exercises, traction therapies, electronics ect.It is not a waste of time and can prevent surgery. OK, so that is an initial answer….Please use reply to expert if you have further questions. When you are ready, please click a positive rating [hopefully excellent]. If you forgot something, come back. I am here daily.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello Dr Thomas,
Thank you for your answer. I am going to a hospital physio, and yes, I can understand why it is important to excersise, but no other treatment has been offered, and I am scared I am going to damage myself further, by struggling on. oh they have said I could have a go in their Hydrotherapy Pool, which I will try. but my last visit to the hospital, I was in there for 15 mins!!!...she asked if I was doing the excersises, to which I replied yes. But I added that the one where I lay on the bed and try to bring my knees up, is very painful and hurts my tummy. She said don't do it then!...I get confused, I was first told this, that I have is bad, but am having to cope with no extra help...The outside of my left knee, and going up my outer thigh, is numb.


I did not recommend a physio, who is not an MD

I recommend a specialist MD to give you more variety of treatments.

This doctor is also called a non invasive orthopedist.

You are starting to show signs of nerve damage.

If you do not get better therapy, possibly traction therapy, will progress instead of stabilize.