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I have pain on walking down the inside of my thigh, behind

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I have pain on walking down the inside of my thigh, behind knee and down leg to feet. It started several weeks ago my podiatrist thinks I have intermittent clauducation. I have seen my neurosurgeon and passed the podiatrist letter to her who didn't take this seriously and didn't examine me, I have a tethered spinal cord and syrinx on my lLumber region. I have seen two GP's from my practice who again didn't examine me about my symptoms. The pain is there all the time now the gp's were more concerned with my ferritin levels and the fibroids I have. I am concerned as I have erratic blood pressure and heart and vascular disease run in the family. I am also getting migraines weekly recently and take a prescribed nasal spray for these, I am concerned I have some vascular disorder but not one person has checked my blood pressure or looked at my legs. I can't even walk my dog now and it is affecting my daily existence. I also started taking tansexemuc acid back in June for heavy periods.
Hi there,I am online and will be happy to answer your questions and provide you an excellent service.I am sorry to hear about your problem.Can you please answer following questions for me, so i can narrow down the differentialyour age and gender ( it is important to quantify the risk for atherosclerotic vascular disease )Do you feel chest pain or shortness of breath on walking?Do you feel less pain waking uphill ? like when pushing grocery cart. or do you feel less pain while walking downhill. or is it present all the time?any change in muscle bulk of your legs/ any hair loss in legs.does the pain improve when you rest.any history of diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol problem. this is an info request, please reply so i can answer for you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Female age 49
Blood pressure is often very when checked by medical practitioner but they think it is white coat syndrome. I have one a 24 hours monitor once which showed such erratic readings they discounted it saying they couldn't possibly be correct. I
Haven't thought about the variation of pain in uphill or downhill. No change in muscle bulk, or hair loss on legs
No diabetes again borderline cholesterol 8 years ago but not been checked since
Anaemic but on long term ferrous gluconate. Last readings were Hg a little below normal and Ferritin 5
Thanks for replying to a long question.few things and recommendations, 1. Ferritin of 5 means you are definitely iron deficient and you do need FESO4 along with vitamin C ( to help absorb iron ) and not just tranxemic acid ( which only minimally helps with bleeding ,but nothing with iron stores). it is possible that these symptoms may be only due to iron deficiency and improve dramatically after restoring iron stores.2. your gender, age and risk factors are not in favor of atherosclerotic disease, can be considered mild to moderate. i recommend checking Ankle brachial pressure index, clinically and with Doppler ultrasound to check the arterial flow in legs to rule out narrowing of blood vessels supplying legs. and also get a lipid panel report. get your HBA1c rechecekd, and check your blood pressure at home for 2-3 days. to see if all the readings come out normal3. i recommend getting an MRI of spine to see if there is narrowing of spinal canal and compressing nerves which may be cause of this pain.
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I am sorry to hear about your pain, it must be very disturbing,but let me assure you i will try my best to answer all your questions and guide you about further management.please feel free to ask any question