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I slipped and fell 5 months ago. unable at the time to seek

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I slipped and fell 5 months ago. unable at the time to seek medical advise\help, it was 8 days before I could get an xray. Xray showed a broken Fibula just below the knee. No cast just advised to elevate and rest. No pain at the break site but I have a very swollen leg and foot which is painful to walk on. My ankle is stiff and painful. Had 3 courses of penicillin for cellulitis which haven't helped the leg or my foot. Limping is my only option and my big toe is sticking up when I try to walk\limp.
At my wits end, could this be sign of mal or nonunion? If so how can I get constructive help?
Hi. My first concern would be a possible deep venous thrombosis off the leg--a clot in a deep vein--and that can be very dangerous and you need a Doppler flow venous study to check for that. That said, besides there could be a nonunion or malunion of the fracture and it would take another set of x-rays to check for that but another possibility here would be compartment syndrome--a swelling of the muscles inside the fascia that can compromise arterial blood flow to the leg You really need to have all of this evaluated just as soon as possible Let me know if you need any more information please
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Had doppler and blood test, no dvt.

How do I get constructive assistance, do i go back to A&E?

My GP?

Frances you first should see your GP and get a referral to an orthopedic surgeon who can evaluate the possible malunion and/or compartment syndrome.
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