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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Board Certified Physician
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Mental Health, Disorders? Personality? Depression?

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I'm really confused and concerned for myself I think I might have a disorder of some kind maybe a personality one but not one that means another person takes over its more like its a disconnect from myself, an absence of the true stable 'me' in my mind. I'm not the best at explaining things especially when it's this complex and deep, I have had a lot of bad history, went through some form of depression in secondary school (but didn't see a doctor I dealt with it on my own but because I didn't deal with it professionally this is what's lead to more things I suspect) had many bad social experiences one specific in which really broke me as a person, it destroyed me (overwhelming stress, shock, all my confidence of perception and belief in how I saw the world and read signals from people and what things meant was broken) and I'm convinced I had some kind of trauma from it (again I didn't seek help) I went to college but had to drop out near the end of the first year, I still to this day cannot describe the state I was in mentally, it's undescribable to label explain. I just had to say I've had some sort of breakdown due to past. I had to stay in my house and isolate my self from society for over a year as I just lost all concept of functioning in the world. This is just a skim of my past it's a lot more deep and so much more to it as to why this happened. My question is, is there some kind of disorder that means you're not like the stable person you once were, how you relate and build a connection between you and others. Where once you had a clear perception on everything, felt you had an understanding and confidence in the person you are to be able to atleast function in the world. I'm probably explaining this really awfully, it's like you're just not seeing things for what they are anymore.. Like the untold connection between you and a person like the atmosphere ('the moment') Is no longer there (recognised). And like you just no longer recognise the responsibilities between you and another person to able to make friendship work or any kind of relationship which maybe mean you will say things, which clearly is awful but you just can't see what you're truly doing? As it's not like the stable you realising what you're truly causing. Like you are no longer part of the actual situation because your mind isn't recognising it. I have also experienced some kind of out-a body experience, if I would make eye contact and they would be talking it's like I'm just blank in my mind and I'm really confused and not taking in what they say, and also when I would be walking somewhere outside its like I'm looking through a screen like a game in first person. I was looking up things and I came across something about dissociation personality disorder or identity disorder where your thoughts, memories, perception, emotions are all detached and don't register in your conscious mind. It really sounds like it could explain me. But then I see other things where it talks about like other personalities taking over and alters which isn't what Relates to me. It's like to other people I will seem fine and confident in what I'm saying but it's like words have lost there true meaning and intent behind what I'm saying, causing with the words I'm saying. Like they have lost meaning in my mind. Like I can listen to what people say and answer them and also read messages from people but it's like I'm not recognising the untold meaning behind it and what it actually means and what the words are causing if that makes any sense. It's as if any form of being able to 'bond' 'feel like you're on the same page' 'relate' and 'understand, connect with others' is impossible. So even now if I'm affected by some kind of mental issue I won't it's going to limit my ability to communicate with you about this. It's like I KNOW something is wrong but I just can't do anything about it. I just don't know which is why I need professional help as clearly I don't really know enough to try explain it. Thank you - Sam
Hi Sam.

This sounds likeyou could have a dissociative personality disorder but you may also have a bipolar disorder.

As I'm sure you must realize there's no way for me to thoroughly analyze and diagnose the exact problem you have but what you need to do is see a PhD behavioral psychologist for a complete evaluation and testing. There is hope here--proper therapy can effectively treat what's going on with you

Let me know if you need any more information please
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I do realise you can not just read all that and just know what is wrong with me and diagnose me. It extremely complex. Thank you for reading it and telling me what I might have and I really am thankful for the recommendations you have given me, this should be a good start to my recovery.