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Dear sirs. I have an ED. I am a young 71 and diabetic

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Dear sirs.
I have an ED. I am a young 71 and diabetic (type 2) which is controlled by medication I am also taking pills for blood pressure and depression. I have a young partner and do not want to disappoint her. My Doctor gives me testosterone injections (nebido) about once a month, he also prescribes viagara.
Apparently Viagara is supposed to work after an hour. I find that it takes much longer than that and sometimes does not work very well at all. and even then I sometimes have a problem reaching an orgasm.
Please say how long the effect of viagara will last and whether this is affected by an orgasm. Please also say whether taking successive doses of viagara has a cumulative effect. I realise that the maximum dose is one a day. Finally please say what one a day means, is it every 24 hours or if I take on the evening I can take another the following morning.
Many thanks for your help.
Leslie Green
With best wishes
Leslie Green
Hello from JustAnswer.

The usual duration of Viagra is for 4-6 hours. It takes longer for the drug to completely leave your system, but the effect on erections will usually be lost after 4-6 hours.

The duration of the effect is not affected by ejaculation. It is true that one of the effects of aging on erections is that it is more difficult to achieve a second erection quickly, and the Viagra will not overcome this aging effect. But if you were able to achieve a second erection within 2 hours in the recent past before the onset of ED, then you should be able to do so again with the Viagra, since it is within the 4-6 hour window.

We generally prefer that the Viagra only be used about every 24 hours. It does not be precise, and an occasional use at 12-18 hours after the previous dose would typically be well tolerated. In someone on blood pressure medicines, it would be good to monitor blood pressure if the situation arises in which you would desire to take it 12-18 hours after last use.

Successive doses will have a cumulative effect, but if a man typically needs two pills to achieve an erection and the drug is well tolerated, we would usually prefer to simply use the higher dose of Viagra. For example, if the man is unable to achieve a good erection after a single 25 mg pill, and then takes a second pill in 1-2 hours and can then achieve a good erection, we would usually change to the 50 mg strength of Viagra. And of course, the blood pressure would be monitored while the dose is being adjusted.

I would also point out, though, that another option to consider would be Cialis. Cialis has a longer duration of action, so that you would usually not need to consider taking another dose in the morning if the situation arises. There also is an option of taking the Cialis regularly on a daily basis. The Cialis dose may also need to be adjusted, like the Viagra, but once the effective dose is determined, then that dose can be continued.

If I can provide any clarification, please let me know.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Many thanks doctor, Is it possible to take Cialis together with Viagara? Would there be any benefit to that?

Leslie Green

No, there is no benefit to using both medicines together. Some men notice that one drug works better than the other, but whichever one works best for you would be appropriate.
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