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I am having alot of discomfort in my diaphram area, tender

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I am having alot of discomfort in my diaphram area, tender to touch to the point where it is waking me during the night and I can no longer sleep on my front. I feel nauesa all of the time and when I eat I can feel sick and sometime reflux and the discomfort gets worse. I also get discomfort in my lower stomach. I have gurgling noise when I lye down, coming from within and I start coughing. My breathing has become very shallow and during the day I seem to have a 'double small breath'. I am alway tired and have to have a sleep during the day when I can and I can sleep up to 3 hours. I feel I have become depressed. I feel shut down and experience no joy with my life, with very negative feeling about myself and I have referred myself to First Step on the local NHS.
I have to bend over whilst sitting during my job, whilst Im gardening and even bending over to pick something up, this aggrevates the condition and have felt sick, but I have never been sick.
I think that I feel better if I dont eat so as to relieve the symptoms but this doesnt work as I dont seem to feel whether Im hungry or not. So I can go long periods without eating and not feel hungry, but then when I do eat I have to be careful I dont eat everything in the cupboard! So I try and eat senibley overriding the messages I'm getting.
I have had these symptoms to a lessor degree for over 8 years. Three years ago I went to my GP after I nearly fainted with the pain during eating in a restaurant. I felt very ill and it frightened me.
They referred me to have a gastroscopy the results were that I had a bacteria in the upper gut and they gave me a very strong short course of antibiotics. I was then put on Omeprazole a gastro-resistant capsule to take twice a day, to control the acid reflux, but these make me feel sicker, so at first I didnt take them. I revisited the doctor and agreed with her to take them for three months to see where that took me but I only take one in the morning.
After 3 months of having the antiboitics I had another stoll test and the bacteria hadnt gone. I was told the cominbation atntiboics hadnot been correct and I was given a differnt combination. When I returned to the GP to discuss my repeat perscription on HRT I told her that I was still getting the symptoms that I had when I had first saw her and that I wanted referred to have another gastroscopy which I have a appointment for on the 18th October.
My mother who is 88 has a hyatis hernea and has exactly the same symptoms as myself. She had initially had a gastroscopy which did not show it up. But when she had a scan it did and was put on medication for the condition.
I'm concerned that this gastroscopy will again show up nothing and what I really need is a scan. Should I go back and discuss this with my GP or should I just wait for the results of the second gastroscopy, as I feel that the symptoms are getting worse and is starting to affect my working and family life.
Hello,I am Dr Ken and I will be helping you today.Were any other investigations obtained? Do you have any diagnosed medical condition?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The symptoms you have indicate excess acid secretion in the stomach with reflux. There are many causes for excess acid secretion - apart from bacterial infection. I would rule out other causes too - gall bladder calculi/ abnormality at the stomach wall - ulcer/ pancreatic lesion/ stress.Next step - A repeat scopy/ ultrasound of abdomen and few blood tests would give us more answers.You are already following steps to reduce the symptoms. I would like to add few more - have multiple small meals instead of few large/ do not lie down immediately after food/ raise the head part of your bed/ stay away from stress or anxiety {Yoga, meditation help}. Wish you well.Best
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