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I contracted an outer ear infection that spread to the inner

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I contracted an outer ear infection that spread to the inner ear whilst in the Algarve in July 15. I am infection free following 2 swabs but fluid build up in my inner ear causing loss of hearing several different type of nose and ear drops have failed to cure the problem. I have had a CT scan that showed both nasel tubes clear no infection to the bone but liquid in the ear mt doctor is baffled can you help
This is Dr. David

CT scans only show bone and some muscle and shows soft tissue structures like the inner ear poorly.

MRI scans of the inner ear is more detailed and can see the 8th cranial nerve and brain and can look for T2 edema and swelling changes in the brain and inner ear.

if you have too much fluid build up in the inner ear, you can have rupture of your ear drum causing hearing loss.

you need an MRI scan of your brain and ear with contrast.

you might need medications like scopolamine to help decrease the amount of fluid being produced by the inner ear now that your infection is gone.

you should be seeing an ENT or ear nose throat specialist doctor as well. they are also called otolaryngologist

you might benefit from a short course of steroid therapy to help decrease inflammation and swelling fluid production. it doesn't sound like you have tried a course of steroid therapy yet.

let me know if you have questions.
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