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Dr Uzair
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My eight year old son said he felt sick, stood up & fainted.

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My eight year old son said he felt sick, stood up & fainted. He came round within seconds, did not remember what had happened & is now fine.
We wondered if the meal & drink he'd had immediately before could be a reason for it. We've seen on line the condition 'swallow syncope'
We'd been visiting a secondary sch, open eve, for our eldest son & due to how late it was got a McDonald's & took home to eat. This is a very rare thing for us to do. He had a Big Mac meal with a fizzy drink - this was icy cold. Could it be this?
He has had a cold, this week has also been hectic with a couple of late nights.
He is a very fit & healthy child.
Hi and thanks for query,I think your son suffered from vasovagal syncope that can result from number of conditions, most common is standing up quickly from sitting position because of drop in blood pressure and pooling of blood in legs, so blood flow to brain decreases for that moment and cause fainting. It is common cause of syncope in young people and especially when he had lack of sleep and cold as you mentioned. Swallow syncope is very rare syndrome and it occurs right after swallowing and occurs frequently with eating and swallowing. I would suggest keep you son well hydrated and give him healthy diet. If such episode repeats you should get a thorough examination by a physician.Let me know if you have further questions.Please do leave a positive rating by clicking on stars on top right corner.Best wishes.
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