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I've been taking nitrofuritoin uti, 150mg a day

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Hi, i've been taking nitrofuritoin for water uti, 150mg a day , i'm about 8 stone, taken 3 days worth, last night started heart pulpitations, fluctuating blood pressure started to panic, this morning heart rate is still over this related to medication? it anxiety, which i do have...rellated to the funeral on saturday i eent to and other stresses related yo work family etc and totally unrelated? Not sure whether to take the last three rablets? Thanks Julie.
Hello from JustAnswer.

Heart palpitations is not one of the reported side effect to nitrofurantoin. While it is possible for someone to have unique side effects, it is much more likely that the heart palpitations are either related to anxiety or as a non-specific response to the infection.

Since it is not a reported side effect to the nitrofurantoin, it would be OK to complete the course of antibiotics.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, thanks for your response, i am worried as pulse is 111 and i'm sitting this self inflicted then, i've had panic attacks and pulpitations before but they go in minutes and this is since yesterday evening, taken my temp only 36.8 - 37.3, how can i get my heart racing down, i did read a couple of comments online where people had experienced palpitations whilst on nitrofuritoin hence my panic? Should i see a doctor or just relax and finish the course , dont want to do more damage than good? Thanks again, Julie.
There are limited interventions that can be done at home to slow a rapid heart rate. The best home interventions are various self-relaxation techniques, such as controlled breathing exercises or yoga, but these frequently take practice to be able to do correctly.

It is also reasonable to be drinking plenty of fluids, as infections can cause fluid loss and low levels of fluids can contribute to a rapid heart rate. And these fluids should not include any caffeine, as caffeine can also increase heart rate.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** is the cause i'll complete the course if this isn't harming my heart, many thanks.
No, you would not be harming your heart.