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I fell head first over a dangerous flight of steps. Putting

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I fell head first over a dangerous flight of steps. Putting out my right hand and arm to save my head and neck I ended up with a broken ulna bone and a large swelling lump in my hand. I have had two angiograms at two hospitals. On one test it showed a red line along my wrist and when it reached the painful lump it started going round in circles. The doctor did not know what it was.
I went to see an artery specialist and I had another angiogram but on a more modern machine. The doctor doing the test suddenly shouted, 'I have found it' and I saw the same thing again, the line was going round and round in a circle then continued. He asked me if I would wait whilst he fetched the specialist to see it. He came and just stood there looking at it and asked me to come back and see him again.
When I went back, he showed me the test on a computer screen but he had my hand blocked out and I could only see the wrist. He went on to tell me that I had a tortuous artery in my wrist caused by the operation, which I had already been told about.
Not once did he let me see or discussed my hand with me.
Could you tell me if this is an aneurysm or not because no one will tell me. It hearts when I catch it and I cannot use my index finger. The first hospital I went to did say something about ischemia but nothing was done. I still have it and because I had the fall ten years ago it seems to be getting larger. If two hospitals will not tell me what it is or anything about it then what can I do.
Hi. This could be an aneurysm but it sounds more like you've developed a fistula there--a connection between the artery and a vein. You need a referral to a vascular surgeon who can operate and remove the connection which should restore normal circulation in the areaLet me know if you nee more information please
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